Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WSC Birth Years: Jose Lopez

Card #128 - Jose Lopez

Born: November 24, 1983

At one time, Jose commanded a second tier starting pitcher in return for a proposed trade, but now, his value has plummeted down to "necessity only" player, meaning he only plays if all other options are exhausted. Lopez started off his White Sox career in good fashion. He hit a single and a double in his debut in Baltimore. Lopez also finished off his White Sox career in good fashion, getting two singles in Cleveland. It was the middle that was most worrisome.

Out of fifteen games, Jose had five hits. Four of those hits came in the first and fifteenth game. It was only a six inning single in his seventh game, against Kansas City, that came between those two hit days. Lopez is another case of the ChiSox getting a player well after their apex. The White Sox had many issues at third base in 2012 and Jose Lopez was the last gasp at patching the problem.

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