Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Traveling Box: Pass Three

Every time this box passes through my mailbox, it grows into a larger monster.

There are many cool cards from multiple sports (even some non-sport has slipped in) and I am always tempted to stray from my collecting habits because I see something really cool. This pass was no exception, but I cannot tell you what remains in the box. All I can tell you is what I took. I can't even tell you what I put in, but it did get an enthusiastic reaction from Mike about what I did put in. If you're on the list, then you'll just have to wait and see.

I, of course, took White Sox related stuff that I did not have already.

The first card to catch my eye was a 1968 Laughlin World Series card. It depicts the 1919 World Series. I have always wanted to track this set down, but even I had a hard time paying seller prices for a card that is essentially just a headline, even if that card is forty-five years old. Now, I can pick it up and contribute something back to the card community. The hoopla surrounding the 1919 World Series makes this card probably the most difficult to find of the four White Sox related cards, so I'll gladly take it here.

I also took a 2002 Bowman Signs Of The Future - Kris Honel card. Taken sixteenth overall in the 2001 draft, there were high hopes for this kid. The fact that he came out of New Lenox, IL, makes him a local pick. Sadly, Kris hasn't played since 2011 and has had surgery on his right elbow. As of July 2011, he still hoped to reach the majors someday. I wish him luck.

I am satisfied with this round. May the traveling box be coming soon to a mailbox near you!


dayf said...

I love it when I put Sox cards in the box and you grab them. :-)

Steve Gierman said...

I love that as well. :-)

gcrl said...

i was hoping that fleer card that i put in would make it to you. glad to see that it did.

Steve Gierman said...

I love it when a plan comes together! :-)

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