Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 Topps Archives

I've been a fan of the idea of Topps Archives, but the execution leaves something to be desired. I create my own custom cards using designs of the past, but there is always some connection in my design choosing. Either an important milestone, a missing card or using one design for every card. Seemingly, Topps picked four random years and decided to make a set.

The first fifty cards depict the 1972 set. It is bold and gaudy, but is highly recognizable. The next fifty cards use the 1982 design. The design is minimalist and remind some collectors of hockey sticks. The next fifty cards are culled from the 1985 set, which has large geometric shapes. The last fifty in the regular set use the 1990 design. Let's just say the design is... interesting, using fades and dots to accentuate two opposite photo corners that use the same color scheme. These aren't four set designs that would have obvious connections.

The White Sox have five cards in the set.

22 - Alex Rios
35 - Adam Dunn
65 - Paul Konerko
113 - Jake Peavy
197 - Chris Sale

There are forty-five "All-Time Fan Favorites", which take a player's "best" year in the majors and gives them a card with that year's set design. The White Sox do not have any players in that section of the set. Charlie Hough and Ellis Burks appear to be the only players with White Sox connections and they are featured on the Rangers and Red Sox respectively.

Chris Sale also gets an "error" variation card, based on the 1990 Frank Thomas no name on front error. The insertion ratio is one for every 1,717 packs to find one of the five variation cards, so good luck on that.
The Sox also have cards in the subsets.

1983 All-Stars
83-CF - Carton Fisk

1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate
T-2A - Albert Belle
T-2B - Robin Ventura
T-2C - Frank Thomas

Mini Tall Boys
MT-CS - Chris Sale

Retail Chase
RC-CS - Chris Sale

1960 Relics
60R-AD - Adam Dunn
60R-PK - Paul Konerko

Framed Autographed 1973 Minis
73M-CS - Chris Sale

1983 All-Stars Autographs
83A-CF - Carlton Fisk

Mini Tall Boys Autographs
MTA-CS - Chris Sale

Retail Chase Autographs
RCA-CS - Chris Sale

Topps Archives is fun, but not entirely harmless. The complete randomness of the set can be frustrating at times, but there appears to be some thought that went into the selection of the "All-Time Fan Favorites". There are gold parallels and orange glow parallels, which just adds to the strangeness. For Chris Sale fans, this set offers an abundance of treasure. For White Sox fans, there's enough in here to make it an interesting pickup.


GOGOSOX60 said...

At least they were spot on with the 1972 Alex Rios card using the correct era uniform on that card!! :)

Steve Gierman said...

Very true. :-) Although, I think that may have been a happy accident.

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