Monday, February 17, 2014

2014 WSC HOF Voting Cards

f you never saw the older players on the field or heard of some of them, here's your chance to put a face to the candidates' names. There is a link to each candidates' Baseball Reference page, so you can check out their stats.

Remember, this voting is meant to reflect the player's impact on the White Sox. Some are fan favorites. Some kept hope alive in dismal seasons. Some had magical seasons. Some set White Sox team records that stood for a long time and/or still stand. Some are even World Series heroes. The point being, that all these players made some type of impact on the team, its fans and team history.

Here are voting cards for each candidate. Enjoy!

George Dickey - C (2nd year)

 Oscar Gamble - DH (4th year)

 Jerry Hairston - OF (2nd year)

 Dummy Hoy - OF (1st year)

Frank Isbell – 1st Base (3rd year)

Fielder Jones – OF (4th year)

Al Lopez – MGR (4th year)

Jorge Orta – 2nd Base (1st year) 

Gary Peters - P (4th year)

Bobby Thigpen - P (3rd year)

Robin Ventura – 3rd Base (4th year)

Buck Weaver - SS (2nd year)

Hoyt Wilhelm – P (3rd year)


Unknown said...

Who, besides Baines & Fox, is in the WSHOF?
Why is G. Dickey on the ballot?

Steve Gierman said...

Frank Thomas was elected in 2011. Louis Aparicio and Joe Jackson were elected in 2012. Baines and Fox were elected in 2013.

The players selected for the ballot are a cross-section of fan favorites, stars and players that made important contributions to White Sox lore. George Dickey was a backup catcher who was a fan favorite for some of the forgotten teams of the forties. His White Sox career was interrupted by WWII service.

Anonymous said...

Love the cards!

I'd like to stump for Dummy Hoy and encourage everyone to do some research on the impact he had on the game. Good player, but had a lasting influence on the way the game is still played today.

Steve Gierman said...

Feel free to use whatever card images to stump away. :-)

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