Friday, February 28, 2014

Donruss Pastiche

So the Donruss name has been revived this week, after a ten year absence. Was it worth the wait?

Mostly yes.

Different elements from different years of Donruss are represented in an almost retro way. Looking at the design makes me feel warm and fuzzy and nostalgic. Some of the best elements from when I was a kid are present and accounted for, up to and including the back, but something is off about it.

Panini's design department took the first decade of Donruss, put it in a blender, and pureed something awesome. It is ultimately a false sense of security. The backs, which at first glance remind me so much of the mid to late eighties card backs, feature only one year instead of the familiar five. The middle names are prominently placed, but the backs are too sheen. That just feels out of place for the feeling Panini is trying to create.

The pictures on the front seem a little too perfect to be on a card named Donruss. The pictures balance in unison with the design on every card I have feasted my eyes upon. It actually distracts from the lack of logos on the uniforms.

I am happy that Donruss is back on the market. Panini's design team should be applauded. It looks like Donruss, but the little things that are off keep it from feeling like Donruss.

A superb, near classic effort.

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