Monday, May 16, 2016

An Awesome Heritage Pull - Thanks, Mom!

My mom is a very thoughtful person, especially to anyone she considers family. Since I got married and moved from Illinois to Michigan, she sends "care packages" on occasion. If she's shopping and she sees something that she thinks I may like, she'll mail it off, instead of waiting until I visit. She's pretty awesome like that.

I'm assuming that she found herself inside Target sometime last week, because I received a package today that included a pack of 2016 Bowman and a pack of 2016 Topps Heritage.

Inside the Bowman pack, I found my first card of Carson Fulmer in the guise of a Chrome Prospect card. I was very satisfied with that, until I opened the Topps Heritage.

I did a double take when I flipped past the Nolan Ryan card. I thought, "Cool. Nolan Ryan". Then it registered. Nolan Ryan isn't in the base set. Then I saw the red ink. My jaw dropped. I immediately put the card in a sleeve and a top loader.

My mom is a huge White Sox fan. Really, only the White Sox, but she does know the big names that never played for the organization. She was impressed when I called and told her what I had found in the packs that she sent.

This particular Target location also produced my other Heritage red ink card; the 2010 R.C. Stevens autograph. I've never pulled an auto from a hobby pack of Heritage, but managed to find two in one Target location, granted several years apart.

I have to say that this is the best "in person" pull I've ever had. I'm not sure if it will beat the Shoeless Joe Jackson bat relic or the Willie Mays game-used uniform swatch numbered to ten, but those were group break pulls, so the thrill is somewhat diminished when watching a video of someone else pulling your cards.

I had a hectic day at work, so this was an awesome way to start my post work day!

... Interested in owning this card? You can purchase it here, through my UniSquare store.


Tony Burbs said...

Wow - Nolan Ryan was kinda good, right?

In all seriousness, congratulations on a helluva pull!

Mark Kaz said...

HOLY TOLEDO!!!!!!!!!!!

I would have done a victory lap around the neighborhood in my skivvies if I had pulled that card! Way to go, Mom!

Greg Zakwin said...

daaaaamn congrats! it's gorgeous!

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