Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Danks For The Memories

I know it hasn't been easy watching John Danks pitch this season. It hasn't been great for awhile, but this season especially. I remember the great pitcher with so much potential. I remember the blackout game. The glimpses of greatness. Brothers playing on the same team at the same times. Those are special memories that can never be taken away.

John was the rock. The sure thing. That is why no one questioned a five year extension. It was earned. Danks wasn't exactly the link to the 2005 team, but he was he closest we had left, player-wise. It's hard to believe that Chris Sale is now the dean of the White Sox.

Thanks for the memories, John Danks. It was a mostly awesome ride.

1 comment:

Jeff Laws said...

I hate seeing him go for the reasons you mentioned above but I understand the decision. Especially with the fast start we've gotten off to, I would hate for anything to derail that.

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