Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Grandpa's Ticket Stub

 I've mentioned once or twice before how my dad's parents were huge White Sox fans. They even hung around drinking with Tony LaRussa after his playing days, when he was a coach in the minors out in California. I'm still tracking down the photographic evidence of that.

My dad was cleaning out one of his drawers and came across an envelope that he hadn't opened in twenty years. It contained pictures and things from his father.

No one says a word to me, when I receive a mysterious envelope in the mail from my dad. This is odd in itself because mom always sends things, never dad.

"Open carefully" the note says wrapped around a taped up cardboard sleeve.

Inside, I spot this...
A ticket stub from May 31, 1937.

It was the second game of a double header against the St. Louis Browns. The White Sox won the first game 5-2, behind a complete game by Monty Stratton. The second game was a bit more tricky.

The White Sox started Sugar Cain, but he only lasted four and a third innings. The White Sox kept battling and won it in the bottom of the ninth on a Mike Kreevich RBI single. The final score was 9-8.

This is one of the coolest pieces of White Sox history in my possession. Thanks, dad!


JediJeff said...

I have a similar ticket. Found it on ebay many many moons ago when prices were normal. I think I picked it up for 3 bucks shipped. June 3, 1932. A 2-1 loss to the Browns.

The Lost Collector said...

That's really damn cool.

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