Friday, January 4, 2008

Card Spotlight 1-4-08

I used to love the Donruss Highlights cards when I was a kid. They seemed to breed like rabbits in my collection, but I can never recall ever buying any. They were usually cheap enough when I got older and easily obtainable in trades. Wait, I think I solved the mystery. Trades are how they must have infiltrated my collection.

These cards were always eye catching. They featured a similar style to the regular set, but they were colored differently enough to really stand out. Plus, I could get future Hall of Famers for pennies.

I was heavily into statistics when I was younger. I used to drive my aunt crazy by memorizing stats on the back of baseball cards. They didn't even have to be White Sox players. My aunt still remembers that Wade Boggs hit .361 in 1983.

John Cangelosi has always been one of my favorite White Sox players, so I had to have every card of him in a White Sox uniform. This card escaped me until last year, but I would've traded all of my Wade Boggs for this card in 1986. I can still remember going to games that year and watching John steal bases or going from first to third, which is a lost art nowadays. This card reminds me of sitting in the golden circle, when we were lucky enough to get those seats, and watching my favorite players.


Kevin said...

Haha, good to see I wasn't the only stathead as a kid. I still remember Andres Galarraga's .370 BA in 1993, Brooks Robinson's 268 career homers, and Nolan Ryan's 5,714 career strikeouts. And yet I hate math in general.

Bart McClaughry said...
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Bart McClaughry said...

I was also a stathead, but I think most card collectors are. I was in a card shop the other day and they were having a trivea contest and if you won your prize was free pack of cards. There was a teenage boy in the card shop and he was answering everything. The guy that was with me said let me guess that was you when you were a teenager. I grinned and replied, Yes!

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