Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Hawk Harrelson On The Board Through 2011

Sox Machine reports that Ken "Hawk" Harrelson just got a contract extension that puts him behind the microphone on camera through the 2011 season. As much as he puts his foot in his mouth and starts feuds, he's an instantly recognizable voice that is identified with the White Sox.

There is no doubt that he roots for the team that he's employed by, but he's also a refreshing voice of honesty in a sea of milquetoast. He's not afraid to voice his opinion, even if it is against the White Sox. That's truly old school. When someone on the other team does a good job, he's not afraid to say it. The same can be said when the opposition screws up. He'll hoot and holler about the advantage to the White Sox.

The last man who spoke up against the team that employs him was Steve Stone. The Cubs canned him for not being a team player. I would love to see a television broadcast of Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone. I enjoyed the brief team-up last year, when Darrin Jackson was out attending to his newborn child. It reminded me of what a baseball broadcast could be and should be.

Now that Steve Stone is working part time for the Sox on the radio side, it could open the possibility of a re-teaming in the near future. That would be a powerhouse combination.

As for the picture, it looks like Hawk was full of himself when he played. I could be wrong about that though. It just looks that way. I couldn't resist the image of him "hawking" hairstyling products in Playboy magazine.

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