Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cards That Never Were #10

1978 Topps - Mike Squires

Another request from Johngy. If I ever find a photo of Mike Squires in the mid-seventies red and blue White Sox uniform (in color), I will make the 1975 Topps entry. So far, I haven't found many pictures that haven't already been used in some capacity.

I found this picture on eBay with a signature. I erased the autograph and put it on a 1978 Topps card, mostly because I think that this shot worked best in that set.

Mike Squires perfectly illustrates what is wrong with one card company owning a monopoly in the industry. Even though Mike played in 1975, 1977 and 1978, his first Topps card wasn't until 1979, and he had to share that card with two other players. His first standalone Topps card would come in 1980, when his career was about half over.

Mike did have a card in the 1978 SSPC set, but those were less common due to a lawsuit from Topps. Here is another card made from your wishlist. I'm really hoping to find a proper picture for the 1975 card.


Matthew Glidden said...

Very nice work. As a kid, I remembered Squires as the most recent lefty catcher, doing an inning each in two 1980 games. Anyone know if a southpaw's caught a game since?

Steve Gierman said...

I want to say that it happened recently, but I'm not positive.

Matthew Glidden said...

UPDATE: Found this list of all lefty catcher games.

Benny DiStefano caught 3 games in 1989, so was the most recent as of 2002.

Johngy said...

This is very cool. That looks like it could have come from the 78 set.
Thanks so much.
I will be putting a post about this in the next few days.
Also, later this week, I will be checking out your want list and making another dent in it, although I probably won't get them down to you for a couple weeks.

Steve Gierman said...


Great find!


I thought the picture looked like it should be from the 78 set.
Thanks. I appreciate that! I'll have to make sure my list is updated properly. There may be a slight glitch on the 26th, since geocities is changing over to yahoo permanently.

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