Friday, September 17, 2010

Did You Ever?

Did you ever catch a moment that no one else appears to see? It seems odd to you. You almost dismiss it, but something nags at you. Something sinister is afoot.You can't quite figure it out. Things seem to be going so well. Something in the air is off. You are about to witness something bad.
You finally realize that the odd and unsettling moment is about to happen. You try to warn everyone, but no one can hear you. You beg and plead with everyone, but it's like they can't see or hear you.
As the tragic events unfold, you still hold out hope that your warning will reach someone. Anyone. Someone has to listen, but despite your best efforts, there is nothing you can do. Tragedy is unavoidable.
As you see the horrific events in real time, you can do nothing except watch, slack-jawed, unsure of what can be done. Dumbfounded, you sit down and watch in silence, realizing there was nothing you could do.
You think to speak, but finally realize that no one can hear you through a television set and there is no one to call. Finally, when everything has reached its inevitable conclusion, you walk away and mumble something about the team should hire you as a clairvoyant. It crosses your mind for the briefest of seconds before the absurd thought trails off on its own. You sit down and prepare for tomorrow, when your services will likely be called upon again in a moment of second sight, for no one but yourself.


gritz76 said...

I think that's just a Chicago thing.

TheRealDFG said...

Yeah, I didn't like the green uniforms either.

Steve Gierman said...

I'm beginning to wonder if it IS a Chicago thing. LOL

I don't mind the green uniforms too much, since it is my favorite color, but I'm glad they don't use them often.

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