Friday, May 6, 2011

1916 Tango Eggs

There's nothing really special about this set in general. The Tango Eggs cards look like most other sets around this era. The cards remind me of tobacco and confectionery baseball card releases that documented early 20th century baseball. So what's special about this particular set?

It was completely forgotten until 1992. A stash of approximately five hundred of these cards were discovered in St. Louis. Some cards had up to fifty examples, while a few only had one. The cards are similar to another set that was also distributed in New Orleans, the D303 with Mother's Bread and General Baking Company backs.

One of the cards to only have one example is Ty Cobb. In an auction that ended in April 2011, that one example, graded in poor condition with significant paper loss, sold for $17,614.38. There are rumors of another Ty Cobb card that is in a different pose, but that has been unconfirmed.

There are twenty-one known cards and the White Sox have four in the set.

Eddie Collins
Hap Felsch
Danny Murphy
Buck Weaver

Probably the most interesting aspect of the White Sox cards is that the picture of Buck Weaver is actually of Joe Tinker. Tinker has a portrait card in the set, which there was only one example known. Eddie Collins appears to be in his Philadelphia uniform, but listed on Chicago.

Something tells me that this isn't the last we'll be hearing about this set. There are likely more cards out there waiting to be discovered.

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