Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Johngy's Surprise

It's always a special treat when I get a package from Johngy. Usually, whatever is dropped off is full of wonders and pesky cards that have eluded my keen detection skills. Most are from my want list, which is always appreciated, and those cards are more often than not ones that either escape my clutches or ones that I haven't been able to see a decent price available. In most cases, the latter is true.

Most sellers see cards before 1981 and automatically inflate the price. The farther back you go, the worse this practice gets. I find it difficult to find cards before 1977 at a decent price, cards before 1970 are more difficult, cards before 1961 are next to impossible, and cards before 1950... forget it.

Every once in awhile, I get lucky with a find, but mostly, other collectors, fans and readers have found it in their hearts to be generous. While my finances are in a state of flux, these people have stepped up and allowed me not to invoke the sanity clause in my collecting contract.

"You can't a fool me, there ain't no sanity clause."

Well, there's no collecting contract either, but my collecting goals do bring me some assemblance of peace during uncertain times. That's good enough for me.

Usually, Johngy, or an associate of his, drops off a box or a bag off on my front porch, waiting for accidental discovery. This time, since he hasn't been around my area, he sent an envelope through the mail. Let's see what arrived.

1969 Topps
34 - Gary Peters
179 - Don Pavletich
248 - Bob Priddy
363 - Russ Nixon
465 - Tommy John
527 - Al Lopez
548 - Bob Locker
622 - Dan Osinski

1992 Pinnacle
334 - Craig Grebeck

1992 Studio
154 - Lance Johnson

1994 Finest
12 - Jason Bere
26 - Alex Fernandez
376 - Roberto Hernandez
440 - Scott Ruffcorn

1995 Finest
125 - Alex Fernandez
168 - Lance Johnson
187 - Tim Raines
233 - Jim Abbott
284 - Mike Devereaux
319 - John Kruk

1995 Studio
76 - Alex Fernandez
137 - Jim Abbott
148 - Tim Raines

Thanks, John! Thanks to you, I can finally put that pesky 1992 Studio set to rest and I can put serious dents in some other sets. I am finally just three cards away from completing the 1969 Topps team set. You are awesome, as always!

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Johngy said...

Always glad to help!

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