Friday, May 20, 2011

Card Spotlight: 5-20-11

2010 Topps Update US-227 - Mark Kotsay

The world may be ending tomorrow, according to some loons, but I will not go before I see Mark Kotsay again.

Kotsay was Ozzie's guy. Ozzie wanted him and he delivered... on the bench. 2010's "DH by committee" showed everyone what Mark Kotsay could do with regular playing time. Let's just say the results were less than spectacular.

It's not entirely Mark's fault. He is an awesome bench player and spot starter, but not so awesome at the full time gig. And that's OK. The Sox tried it Ozzie's way for most of the year and the idea underperformed. It was still better than the GM's solution of bringing in an aging DH named Manny Ramirez.

Tomorrow, I'll be heading up to Milwaukee to watch the Brewers take on the Colorado Rockies. I'll see two former White Sox players somewhere on the premises for the home team. Mark Kotsay will either be in the field or on the bench. Dale Sveum will be coaching. There are no cards of Dale in a White Sox uniform, but luckily for this post, there are cards of Mark Kotsay.

Whether or not the Brewers win is not important for the experience. I just want to see a good game in an unfamiliar place. If the loonies are correct, at least my last moments will be watching baseball with my fiancee.

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