Saturday, January 5, 2008

#35 - Frank Thomas

I would be shocked if there was any debate on this selection, but I welcome it. Number 35 is Frank Thomas. No player wearing number 35 comes even close to accomplishing what Frank has.

Even though his World Series ring came as a spectator, that does not detract from anything that Frank has done in his 16 years of service with the White Sox. It's really hard to pick a career year, they were mostly outstanding.

A five time All-Star, 2 MVPs (it should've been 3), a 1997 batting title, 4 Silver Sluggers, 4 years with a league leading OBP, 1 year leading the league in runs, 1 year leading the league in doubles, 4 years leading the league in walks and 2 years leading the league in intentional walks.

Frank also leads the White Sox in all-time records of home runs (448), doubles (447), RBI (1,465), walks (1,466), extra base hits (906), sacrifice flies (109), intentional walks (162), runs created (1,700), OBP (.427), slugging % (.568) and OPS (.995).


Wax Heaven said...

Whatever happened to the Big Hurt and him leaving Chicago? I always thought he would end his career there. How did you feel when he left?

White Sox Cards said...

The last few years in Chicago were riddled with injury. There was no guarantee that he would ever be able to play a full season. They stuck with Frank longer than they should have with the injuries because of who he was.

When there wasn't a significant sign of improvement they bought out his contract with the intention of bringing him back if they couldn't fins a suitable replacement. They found a replacement in Jim Thome.

There was a little name calling back and forth in the press, but nothing too serious. When Frank came back to Chicago with the A's, for the first time, the Sox buried the hatchet and relations have been fine with him ever since.

I was sad to see Frank go. He was the face of the organization for over a decade. I understood the reasons why, though. 2005 was done mostly without Frank. In that respect, it was a little easier to come to terms. Jim Thome has made that transition easier too.

Chicago will always have a soft spot for the Big Hurt. If there was ever a time where he could DH full time on the Sox, I'd have him back in a heartbeat, providing he still had the same pop that made him a household name.

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