Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#36 - Jim Kaat

He was only on the White Sox from August 15, 1973 until December 10, 1975, but Jim Kaat racked up 45 wins for the White Sox in that short time. He won three Gold Gloves with the White Sox and appeared in the 1975 All-Star game. He even came his closest to a Cy Young Award in 1975. A 45-28 record in a little over two years is nothing to sneeze at.

Sure, there were others that wore #36 for the White Sox. Jerry Koosman, Danny Wright, Scott Eyre, Eric King and Kevin Tapani come to mind. None can really compare to what Jim Kaat accomplished in a Sox uniform. None of these players compares to what Jim did in any other uniform, come to think of it. Not that any of that matters, since we are only looking at the White Sox side of these players.

Most people will remember Jim from his days as a Washington Senator/Minnesota Twin or his final days as a Cardinal. Some may remember him through his short stints on the Yankees or the Phillies, but people who follow the White Sox will always remember him in Chicago, even though the rest of the country doesn't always see it that way.

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Bart McClaughry said...

Jim Kaat should be in the Hall Fame! But that's my ________.
Great Story

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