Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#37 - Bobby Thigpen

How could this number not go to Bobby Thigpen? Who else could it go to? James Baldwin? Close, but no cigar. Ron Schueler? He's known more for his days as White Sox GM, than his pitching with the team. Dan Spillner? Um... no. It can only be Bobby Thigpen.

Until he started to have back problems, he was the stud closer. Bobby still holds the major league record for saves in a single season with 57. That's pretty amazing for someone with only 201 saves.

1990 was Bobby's career year. He set his record that nicknamed him the "Savemaster". He made the All-Star team and enjoyed a high profile around the country. He developed back problems after the 1990 season on a tour of Japan with other major leaguers during the off-season. He was eventually replaced by Roberto Hernandez after his pitching started to taper off.

No one can take his 57 saves in 1990 away from him and that's how he will be remembered. Although, he may be in line to manage the White Sox further down the road. He is currently managing the Bristol White Sox, rookie ball, where he manages Ozzie Guillen's son Oney and Frank Viola III.

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