Friday, July 23, 2010

Card Spotlight: 7-23-10

1973 Topps #42 - Mike Andrews

In 1973, I wasn't even a gleam in someone's eye for another three years. The world existed, but not as I know it. Apparently, a different world existed for photographers too.

I can't remember running across another set in the past 100+ years that featured so many oddly angled shots. Sure, you can figure out who Mike Andrews is in this picture, but there are many others in this set where the player named on the card isn't the focus of attention. In fact, I can't remember any playing surface where second base appears next to a right angled dirt patch.

It's obvious that the runner is trying to break up a double play. Who that runner actually is... I have no idea. Mike only played with the White Sox in 1971, 1972 and a part of 1973. The runner looks like he's in a Yankees uniform, but there is no player listed as number 33 for any of those years.

My guess is that this picture was snapped during a Spring Training game. That might also explain the oddity of the infield. As for the far away shots and weird positioning focus of players in this set, that's a whole different story.


Johngy said...

All true, but still one of my favorite cards. I am such a sucker for those red and blue uni's.

Steve Gierman said...

I think that the '73 Topps set is one of my favorites, not only for the design, but for the use of some of the most baffling pictures to grace a set.

Any time the Sox show up in powder blue, it's a good thing!

dougman59 said...

Any time the Sox show up in powder blue, they are the road team. The sox was only team in the american league with artificial turf but not in that configuration.

Which makes this picture very puzzling, maybe an exhibition? I have a hard time believing a spring training facility would have artificial turf. Will keep sleep for me.

LAMikey said...

I always thought it was a KC Royal,
what # was John Mayberry?

Don said...

I always thought it was the Royals also. They had turf years ago, but I don't know when they installed it. That photo just reminds me of the Royals stadium for some reason.

Steve Gierman said...

If it was the Royals, it would either be Bob Oliver (1971, 1972) or Steve Mingori (1973). I think I assumed it was the Yankees because of the lack of the last name on the back of the uniform. It completely slipped my mind that the Royals had turf.

That's very possible that it was Bob Oliver in Municipal Stadium, which the Royals used from 1969 until 1972.

Steve Gierman said...

A little research into the Royals and White Sox possible connection turned up more questions. The Royals pitcher Steve Mingori was never on base in 1973 and while Bob Oliver was never in a situation when Mike Andrews was playing 2nd base to be a part of a double play or a force out in Kansas City.

So the mystery shall continue.

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