Friday, July 30, 2010

Card Spotlight: 7-30-10

1985 Fleer #513 - Carlton Fisk

I have a secret and I don't care who knows... I love '85 Fleer! It was always one of my favorite sets as a kid and the design has remained there ever since. I suppose that the childhood connection has a lot to do with it, but I definitely think it looks better than 1985 Donruss. 1985 Topps was cool, but this set was highly regarded around the neighborhood as gold.

Partly because of the scarcity around these parts and partly because of the look, any 1985 Fleer cards were hard to pry out of anyone's hands. I can remember trading away my '85 Fleer doubles to friends and getting a mother lode of cards back in trade.

A lot of the appeal of '85 Fleer was the picture selection. There were a ton of pictures with weird angles, interesting lighting and actions that you didn't really see on cards. This is probably the first Fisk card to feature him playing long toss. It may be the only one.


Johngy said...

Makes me nostalgic for the older cards.

csd72 said...

I love that set too. That is one of my favorite Fisk cards. Why do you think that it was so scarce? We had the same thing here, and I think that is why the set is so big for me. They were just hard to find.

Steve Gierman said...

Around this area, I think most places under-ordered Fleer, in comparison with Topps. Also, people were looking for the Clemens, Puckett and Eric Davis cards. I can remember being very excited when I pulled the Eric Davis Fleer card back in 1985.

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