Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lack Of Posting This Week

The lack of posting this week has a lot to do with last minute free White Sox tickets through my friend, Steve. I was at Tuesday's 11-0 convincing win over Ryan Rowland-Smith and the Mariners.
Those tickets were a section over from the left field foul pole along the third base line. An older lady snagged a ball two seats in front of me. in the first inning. After nearly thirty years of attending ball games, that is the closest a ball has ever come by me during a game.
Not only was there a great view of the action, but we saw a nice view of the White Sox bullpen. Yes, I cringed every time I saw Scott Linebrink move. He has been mostly effective lately, but I'm still not comfortable seeing him enter a game, even with an eleven run lead.
I'll be going again tonight, with this guy, to see the same Mariners team.
I know the picture is small and crappy, but I'm not paying $15 for a bigger photo of me with my friend. Tonight, we'll be sitting in home run territory, on the other side of the White Sox bullpen. I'm hoping that I'll see a sweep tonight.

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