Saturday, July 31, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Lucas Harrell

Card #63 - Lucas Harrell

Born: June 3, 1985

It wasn't the prettiest MLB debut in history, but it was enough to get the job done for a win. Relying mostly on his defense, Lucas played to his strengths and ended up going six innings, giving up only one run.

Harrell's success is even sweeter when you realize that his development was stunted due to injuries. After seven years in the minors, he finally made the big time and left a positive impression. After the game, Lucas was sent back down to AAA, but it's good to know that he's waiting in the wings.

The top card is the official Birth Years card, which keeps the style of the photographs in the original 1985 set. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to create a second fun card. I spotted a picture of Lucas Harrell in the middle of the first victory beer shower celebration and had to make an extra card. This is not the type of photograph that would be on a 1985 Topps card, so I had to abandon it. Still, it's definitely worth seeing. Enjoy!


Johngy said...

Very timely and nicely done.

csd72 said...

Nice cards. I liked the first one, then I saw the second one and liked that one even more.

Steve Gierman said...

The second card was too good to pass up. I had to do it, even though the picture didn't fit with the feel. :-)

cheap chicago white sox tickets said...

i also like 1st one... thanks guys

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