Saturday, June 18, 2011

Separated At Birth: Roger Nelson And Alex Henteloff

1975 was a magical year. Topps introduced one of the most talked about sets of the seventies and Barney Miller started as a mid-season replacement on January 23rd.

Roger Nelson was purchased by the Chicago White Sox during the offseason, but was released before the 1975 season. He signed as a free agent with the Oakland Athletics shortly thereafter.

Conspiracy theorists could have a field day with a man being signed by a club based in California, not playing at all on the parent club during the season, and a doppelganger of that man shows up on a television show during that year, shot in California.

Although this is pretty far fetched, you have to admit that they do look very similar.

Alex Henteloff started acting on television in 1966 and racked up a list of brief but memorable roles on many different series. Most people will recall his part as Dr. Nichols in Star Trek 4.

Roger Nelson's 1975 card has always reminded me of Alex's role on Barney Miller as Arnold Ripner, the ambulance chasing lawyer. Unfortunately, the only picture of Alex as that character is a low quality screen capture. Even at this low resolution, it's easy to see that they could be mistaken for the same person.


primosean said...

Actually, I think Roger Nelson looks more like Barney Miller's Steve Landesberg, who played Det. Arthur Dietrich, than Arnold Ripner. I have to say though, that Barney Miller is a funny show.

Johngy said...

Too funny.

Steve Gierman said...

primosean, I just don't see Dietrich in Roger Nelson. Maybe the glasses, but not in the face. I definitely agree that Barney Miller is a funny show! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! One of my favorite Barney Miller episodes is when Arnold comes to the defense of Gilbert Lesco, who was portrayed by the great Don Calfa.

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