Monday, June 13, 2011

A Trip To RBI Sports

Without much disposable income right now, the only thing I really get at the card shop is supplies. I would like to frequent the local shop as often as I used to, but it's next to impossible right now. High risk, high reward ventures are out of my budget, currently.

I went in to pick up a box of 9 pocket pages, a package of toploaders and a jumbo pack of Topps Series 2.

I arrived while an employee was engaged in a conversation with a customer. So, I busied myself by browsing the quarter and fifty cent boxes. I instantly regret not bringing a list, as the fifty cent box was labeled Buehrle/Konerko. I relied on memory. I must say that my memory served me well.

I thumbed through the cards and picked out a Dick Perez sketch card that I did not remember. It turns out to be one from 2006, one year before my collecting days resumed. I knew I didn't have it, so it went into my hand.

I kept running into cards that I thought I had, but couldn't be 100% sure. I ran across a 2003 Bowman Heritage of Mark Buehrle. I knew I didn't have it in the player collection, but I couldn't recall if I had it in the set collection. As it turned out, I had neither. Score one for the set collection!
I went up the the counter and asked for my pages and toploaders. I was hoping for a jumbo pack of 2011 Topps Series 2, but they were sold out. They did have the regular packs, so I opted for four packs of that.

In my first pack, I hit a Frank Thomas Kimball.
I haven't looked at the checklist for Series 2, so I had no idea what to expect. I deliberately did that so I would be surprised at whatever White Sox I got. No expectations, no disappointment.

In the last pack, I ran across the only White Sox base card out of the four packs... Gavin Floyd.
Getting one out of the ten White Sox base cards is not a bad ratio for four ten card packs. I consider this trip to RBI Sports a rousing success. Two out of forty cards were White Sox, including a nice insert. I also got two additional Sox cards that I needed. A success indeed!

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