Monday, June 13, 2011

Some Old School Cards

A little while ago John from Old School Breaks contacted me about unloading gifting some White Sox cards. I do have many people who unload their unwanted White Sox cards on me, and that's cool, but these were specifically set aside for me. These had been sitting in a pile for awhile. I'm as guilty of that more than most, so I can completely understand how these things happen.

Real life had intervened John's card collecting days. In this case, I can report that it's for fantastic reasons. Nonetheless, I reluctantly agreed to take the White Sox cards off of his hands. People come and go from this hobby. That's a fact of life. It's sad to see card collecting friends move on to other endeavors, but there is almost always a happy story attached to it.

As I was thumbing through the Sox cards that John sent over, I was amazed at some of the selections. There is no junk wax to be found in this pile of cards. Not that there's anything wrong with junk wax, but it is a refreshing sight to see. All of the cards were either hard to get parallels or mid-level to high end base cards. A couple of autographs and a few numbered cards rounded out the stack.

The two autographed cards were of Ruddy Yan and Kris Honel. Surprisingly, they are both still playing. Yan is playing for the Camden Riversharks this year. Honel threw a no-hitter in 2010 for the Chico Outlaws and is playing for the Somerset Patriots this year.

A 1995 Select Certified Edition Gold Team card of Frank Thomas was a nice surprise. As were cards from three different classes of 1998 Topps Gold. The first two rows of Robin Ventura's 1998 Flair Showcase cards were interesting to see. More nineties goodness followed. As well as a few parallels from 2008 Topps Co-Signers. An Iguchi 2006 Topps Finest x-fractor and a few other cards rounded out the thoughtful package.

Thanks, John! I appreciate the thought and I love the cards!

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oldschoolbreaks said...

You're very welcome Steve. I'm glad you enjoyed the cards. It's cool that Honel is playing for Somerset. I used to watch them play when I lived in NJ.

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