Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 26

1990 Donruss #371 - Ken Patterson

On this day in 1987, Ken Patterson was traded to the White Sox by the New York Yankees.

The biggest name to go to New York in this deal was utility player Jerry Royster. The other two players involved, one for each side, never made it to the majors. Royster was released by the Yankees prior to the 1988 season. Patterson made his MLB debut for the White Sox on July 8, 1988, at home against the Boston Red Sox, where he went three and two-thirds innings, giving up three hits, one walk and zero runs. His first batter, shortstop Jody Reed, singled to third, scoring catcher Rich Gedman, but that run was charged to Steve Rosenberg. Ken got second baseman Marty Barrett and third baseman Wade Boggs to fly out for the final outs of the top of the fifth inning.

Patterson spent four seasons with the White Sox, mostly trotting out of the bullpen when the game was well out of hand, but occasionally starting in his first few seasons. Ken even managed to accumulate four saves. Despite being the go to mop up guy, Patterson went 11-4 during his tenure with the South Siders. On March 30, 1992, Ken's playing days with the White Sox were over, when he was traded to the Chicago Cubs, along with Sammy Sosa, for dwindling slugger George Bell. Patterson pitched one season for the North Siders and two seasons for the California Angels before embarking on another minor league career in the Angels and Royals systems.


Jim from Downingtown said...


I know a lot of people on these blogs don't like the 1990 (or '91) Donruss cards, but this is the set I started my sons on (at ages 3 & 4).

For 2 years straight, our living room floor was often lined with red and blue baseball cards, as the 3 of us sorted and re-sorted tons of the Donruss rack packs that invaded our home.

(For good measure, there was also some '91 Topps and the yellow '91 Fleer cards as well.)

Steve Gierman said...


I have fond memories of those sets being in stacks on my floor, as I made up different ways to display them in binders. I even borrowed the "new and cool" 1990 Donruss design for an art project during my freshman year of high school.

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