Sunday, August 26, 2012

WSC Birth Years: Kevin Youkilis

Card #116 - Kevin Youkilis

Born: March 15, 1979

Kevin came to the White Sox through a trade with the Red Sox. Boston got fan favorite Brent Lillibridge and pitcher Zach Stewart. The Red Sox thought they were unloading a broken down veteran. What the White Sox got was a revitalized Youkilis who has helped to shore up a troublesome position.

Kevin has been mostly on a tear since landing on the South Side. His production has far exceeded any player before him at third base. His average, home runs and clutch hits are up. Youk also fits in well in the clubhouse. Kevin's value increased further when he was able to fill in at first base to relieve Adam Dunn while Paul Konerko was out for a week with a concussion. Youkilis may not be the All-Star that he once was, but he doesn't need to be either. His presence adds strength to the lineup and the infield.

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