Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4

1992 Pacific Seaver #81 - Tom Seaver

On this day in 1985, Tom Seaver won his 300th game in New York.

Tom seaver pitched a complete game to notch his 300th career win. Tom Terrific was losing 1-0 until an offensive burst in the sixth inning by Tim Hulett, Ozzie Guillen and Bryan Little off of Yankees pitchers Joe Cowley and Brian Fisher resulted in four runs. He held off the Yankees for four more half innings to secure his victory. Seaver gave up only six hits and one walk, while striking out seven. This would be one of Tom Terrific's last hurrahs. His career would last for another year and some change, but this would be the last major milestone in an amazing career.

The White Sox grabbed Seaver from the New York Mets, when they failed to protect him on their roster after the 1983 season. Tom spent two and a half seasons on the South Side. When he was traded to Boston on June 29, 1986, I can remember being very upset. I was still holding on to Tom Seaver the Hall of Fame pitcher in my mind. I was too young to appreciate the nuances of trading a name player past his prime for a utility player that could play all nine positions on the field, but would never be a household name for his baseball prowess, just his mouth and personal exposure. You learn these things as you age. The White Sox got Steve Lyons in the trade with Boston and I'm OK with that. The White Sox were able to squeeze the last great games out of Tom Terrific and that's all you can really ask for.

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