Saturday, August 4, 2012

Terrific Trade With Fantastic Catch

This one has been waiting around in the draft folder for awhile. I apologize to Clark of Fantastic Catch for the delay. Sometimes things get put on the back burner for the craziest reasons... like sleep.

When Clark e-mailed me and suggested a trade, I was chomping at the bit to trade. Then, of course, life interrupted and it fell down the queue of things on the to do list. Eventually, both ends of the trade were sent out and I know I'm happy with the result.

2008 Upper Deck First Edition
330 - Gavin Floyd

2011 Topps Opening Day
119 - Alexei Ramirez
146 - Gavin Floyd

2011 Topps Opening Day Blue
205 - Carlos Quentin (1545/2011)

2011 Topps ToppsTown
TT2-21 - Adam Dunn

2011 Topps Update
43 - Carlos Quentin
220 - Adam Dunn

2012 Topps Gold Standard
GS-23 - Tom Seaver

And a itty bitty, teeny tiny, White Sox batting helmet!

Thanks, Clark! You definitely sent over some winners!

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