Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27

1910 E90-3 American Caramel - Ed Hahn

On this day in 1875, outfielder Ed Hahn was born.

On May 10, 1906, the Chicago White Sox purchased Hahn from the New York Highlanders. It may have been the luckiest break for Ed. New York was a decade and a half away from the start of their American League dominance and Hahn would be out of the majors after his last season for the Pale Hose in 1910. At age thirty, Ed was in contention for the first time in his career. He made the most of it with six hits and four runs in the World Series against the crosstown Cubs in 1906.

Hahn's best season came the next year, in 1907, when he averaged .255 and rapped out one hundred fifty-one hits. He had one more decent season in 1908 before his numbers swooned. In his last season, 1910, he only appeared in fifteen games and hit a paltry .113.

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