Wednesday, January 2, 2008

#32 - Alex Fernandez

Larry Doby? Sure, maybe in the fifties. Juan Pizarro? Possibly in the sixties. Steve Stone? It might have happened in the seventies. Kip Wells? Um, never in a White Sox uniform. The only logical choice is Alex Fernandez.

Actually, Alex is another pitcher that was helped immensely by the potent early '90's White Sox offense. His lowest ERA was 3.13 in 1993. That doesn't mean that he was a bad pitcher. He knew the limitations he had to work with and did just enough to come out smelling like a rose, usually.

Alex was on the White Sox from 1990 until 1996. His best year with the Sox came in 1993. That year he posted an 18-9 record, vaulting the White Sox into the playoffs. He signed with the Florida Marlins after the White Sox and won his well deserved ring his first year there.

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