Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Swish Or A Miss?

Nick Swisher is the newest member of the Chicago White Sox. He's hit in the mid-.250's and finally made 100 walks in a season in 2007. The last two seasons he has had 141 hits in each. Nick looks like he's constantly improving and looks to be on the upswing still.

The Oakland A's acquired Ryan Sweeney, Gio Gonzalez and Fautino De Los Santos. A major league ready outfielder, a pitcher almost ready for the rotation and a superstar pitcher of the future, as some are touting De Los Santos to be.

My only question is why? I have nothing against Nick. He's a great player in my opinion. What will his role be on the White Sox? Nick is primarily a first baseman. We've got two in Konerko and Thome. The both play there very well. He's also played a lot of left field. We've got at least one of those in Carlos Quentin. Or did I not understand the trade for him? First basemen usually do not make good center fielders. I could be wrong about that. Carlos Quentin was said not to be an option for center field. So, I'm at a loss here. The White Sox are mentioning on their site that Nick is an outfielder. Notice the lack of emphasis on which position in the outfield.

Anyhoo, welcome to the White Sox, Nick. You'll love it here, once they figure out a place for you and the other left fielder.

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Wax Heaven said...

You sound a bit bitter. Were you big on any of the players traded? Personally, I like Nick Swisher but don't think he will ever come close to 35 home runs again.

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