Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Harold in 2009

OK, I'm officially starting the "Vote For Harold 2009" campaign. I will be displaying this image above my links until the voting next year. Anyone who feels the same way about Harold's inclusion in the Hall of Fame is invited to take the image and display it on their own site.

Feel free to photoshop another picture of Harold in there instead, just please keep the text. If you prefer him on the Orioles or the Indians or the Rangers or the Athletics, feel free to substitute the picture. The point is that there should be a vocal campaign and this image on a website will speak more to an average reader than any blog entry or article would.

Credit is nice, but overrated in this case. I don't care about credit for this, I just want the end result to be Harold Baines in the Hall of Fame. That is my new lofty goal. Please join me in this crusade if you have enjoyed any of Harold's long career. I've said my peace and will let the image do most of my speaking about this subject. I think the image says that he's more than just a DH, he was a baseball player that had more than one dimension.

***Updated thought***
Harold has trouble speaking up for himself, so let's speak up for him.


Wax Heaven said...

Yikes. Harold Baines? Man, I use to hate getting his cards (and Willie McGee). I don't know if he has a shot but good luck!

White Sox Cards said...

He's still in there with the minimum amount of votes to stay on until next year. There was a reason why he kept getting traded at the deadline onto teams that were in a pennant race late in the season.

It's an uphill battle, but one that can be won little by little. The type of player that he was, the consistent numbers that he put up and his definement of the DH role as a power threat instead of the extra player are reasons to include him in the Hall.

Thanks for the well wishes.

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