Wednesday, January 9, 2008

#38 - Norm Cash

This number was hard to pick. There aren't many that stand out at number 38. There's Hawk Harrelson's wet dream, Pablo Ozuna. Tim Belcher wasn't standing out on the White Sox. Esteban Beltre? Not really. Jamie Navarro? Not a chance in hell! Gary Glover? Umm, no.

The only logical choice would be Norm Cash. It's merely by default though. Norm Cash was a great player for the Detroit Tigers, not for the Chicago White Sox. Norm had a total of 27 hits over limited playing time in 1958 and 1959. His 4 home runs, 16 RBI and 18 walks all came in 1959.

Norm only appeared in 71 games as a member of the White Sox. Great careers have to start somewhere and I have a hunch that playing for the White Sox in 1959's pennant race shaped Norm into a competitor. He does have a special distinction of being a player that brought back Minnie Minoso to the White Sox. Not many people realize that Norm was traded to the Indians. In turn, the Indians traded Norm to the Tigers before the 1960 season started. So, Norm was a member of the Indians, but never played a game for them. Norm spent the next 15 seasons with the Tigers making a name for himself. Until someone nudges Norm out of this spot, it is his to keep warm.

Possibly the best argument for his being here was that he was drafted by the Chicago Bears as a running back. He declined and signed with the White Sox instead. With weak competition at this number, that may be the best fact of all.

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