Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2011 Phungo Cards

The first pack of a new year is always a special and momentous occasion. Despite the best efforts of the card companies Topps, there is usually one pack that beats all: Phungo cards.

This is, if I'm not mistaken, the third year I have had the privilege to open a pack of Phungo cards. It has become a ritual that I look forward to doing. This is the best way to start the new year of collecting!

Let's rip this puppy open!
46 - Joe West (umpire)
We start off the new year by reliving one of the worst moments of last year. The singing cowboy part-time umpire always manages to enrage players and fans alike, wherever he goes. From the side he reminds me of a weeble.

44 - Adam Dunn (Nationals)
52 - Jose Contreras (Phillies)
31 - St. Basil's Cathedral (Moscow)
Nice selection of former and current White Sox players.

The Second City Comedy Troupe
A secret passion of mine. It's like this pack was specifically geared towards me!

A smattering of traditional cards from 1973 to 2010!

25 - Jim Thome
Another former White Sox, who is still beloved in Chicago, despite playing for a rival.

I seriously doubt that any pack can top this one for 2011. I will have to break out a Phungo-meter to judge all future 2011 packs.


deal said...

THanks for the write up.

Sorry no Chisox made it into this yrs set. Hopefully something will surface for the 2012 set.

White Sox Cards said...

I don't always get to see former players in uniform after they leave Chicago, so no need to apologize. :-)

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