Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Feeling Like A Winner

Let's just get this disclaimer out of the way first. The holidays hit like a ton of bricks and I've had to put off many trades. I haven't forgotten about the pending trades, but I've been bouncing all over the place lately. Those of you waiting, expect an e-mail from me this week. If you don't hear from me, please e-mail me to give me a swift kick in the behind, you know, as a friendly reminder.

This trade from Spiegel came together rather quickly. He sent over some White Sox cards and I sent over some Dodger cards. Something tells me that my Dodger cards will soon be as depleted as my Met cards. That's OK. They all go to good homes. It just makes further trading a little more challenging. Which is a good thing.

Let's just say I was floored to find a Sammy Sosa gold winner card in the stack of cards sent over. When I was a teenager, I could have picked this card up for a quarter or less. It was only as high as a quarter because of the gold foil, which was a novelty back then. After switching sides in Chicago, Sammy's cards tended to skyrocket in value and stay up in the stratosphere for a long time. They are finally starting to come down, but the cards are still priced too high, in my opinion. Others may debate that for eternity. I'll leave that to them. I'm just happy that another card is crossed off my list.

There were other cards sent in the package. A well loved '82 "In Action" Fisk, which received some love when I featured it in the Tops of Topps list. That's always a great picture of Carlton diving for the ball with his mask tumbling below him.

A retail Ultra SE of Bobby Jenks from 2007 was in there. As well as a few more cards off the want list from the mid to late nineties. The rest consisted of shiny and non-shiny cards from 2010, including a mini of Rios!

Thanks, Spiegel! This was a great trade. I hope you are satisfied with the cards that I sent over. I'm sure we'll be trading sometime in the future.

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