Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WSC Birth Years: Javier Vazquez

Card #88 - Javier Vazquez

Born: June 25, 1976

Javier is a dominant pitcher. He could be an ace if it wasn't for his knack of folding under pressure. Vazquez was traded to the White Sox from the Diamondbacks for Orlando Hernandez, Luis Vizcaino and Chris Young before the 2006 season. Javier was expected to step up and win in a nurturing setting.

Vazquez did step up, but not before succumbing to the sixth inning. When the team was out of contention, Javier was able to produce his best work with the Sox. 2007 was his best season, with a record of 15-8, which is a career best winning percentage. Unfortunately, the Sox were an underachieving team that year.

2008 marked his final season with the White Sox. It started promising enough, but Vazquez was pulled from the lineup during the stretch, when the Sox were fighting for a playoff spot. Javier imploded in the postseason against the Tampa Bay Rays. He was traded to Atlanta after the 2008 season.

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Johngy said...

Nice work. I always especially like the 1976 set, my first completed set.

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