Sunday, January 30, 2011

WSC Vintage: Fielder Jones

Card #33 - Fielder Jones

Fielder started his MLB career in Brooklyn on April 18, 1896, for the Bridegrooms, which would eventually become the Dodgers. In 1901, Jones he jumped from the Brooklyn Superbas to the Chicago White Sox, after the American League had newly declared itself a major league. At age 29, he was pulling in $3,000 a season playing center field for the White Sox.

During his eight year tenure with Chicago, he finished in the top ten of many categories defensively and offensively. In 1902, Fielder led the AL in singles with 150. In 1905, he led the AL in defensive WAR, with 1.5, tied with his teammates George Davis and Lee Tannehill.

Jones helped the White Sox claim the first American League pennant, as a major league, in 1901. On June 5, 1904, Fielder took over the reigns from Nixey Callahan, becoming the third manager in White Sox history. He played and managed his way to the World Championship over the crosstown rival Cubs in 1906. "This should prove that leather is mightier than wood", Jones exclaimed after the series win.

Hanging up his Sox after the 1908 season, he played and managed the Chehalis Gophers of the Washington State League, Class D, in 1910. He also was a player/manager for the St. Louis Terriers in the short lived Federal League from 1914 until 1915, finishing .01 percent behind the Chicago Whales for first place in its last season. Fielder finished up his managerial career with the St. Louis Browns from 1916 until 1918.

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