Sunday, January 16, 2011

WSC Vintage: Milt Bocek

Card #31 - Milt Bocek

While Bocek was a student of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, his glory at the amateur level in baseball and softball caught the attention of then White Sox manager, Lew Fonseca. Milt was given a tryout at Comiskey Park where he proceeded to launch several balls into the upper deck. "Beltin' Bo from Cicero" had impressed those who witnessed the tryout.

Milt signed with the White Sox during the summer of 1933 and made his MLB debut on September 3rd of that year. He lived up to his reputation on September 24th, when he hit his only career home run off of the Indians' Thornton Lee, in the second game of a double header at Cleveland Stadium.

Bocek played sporadically throughout 1934, before his final MLB game on August 2nd in St. Louis. Until his death, at age 94, in 2007, he held the distinction of being the oldest living White Sox player.

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