Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trading A Bum For A Bat: A Christmas Miracle

It all started innocently enough. A poem inspired by a less than stellar hit on Christmas morning. The hit itself was pretty decent, but the subject left a bad taste in my mouth.

Such is the life of a White Sox fan. Yankees fans may adore Nick Swisher, but the Sox fans grew tired of his antics and pouty behavior. He crossed many a South Side fan when he would rather brood in the dugout, due to a lack of playing time, rather than cheer on his teammates.

White Sox fans can live with embarrassing shenanigans. We've endured the inspired lunacy of Bill Veeck, the miscalculations of Steve Dahl, the mouth of Ozzie Guillen, the surliness of Albert Belle, Frank Thomas and a number of other personalities. The one difference between all of those people's affiliation with the White Sox and Nick Swisher's season on the South Side was work ethic. Chicago fans can embrace quirkiness, buffoonish behavior and unfiltered commentary, as long as there is some blue collar ethics behind the eccentricities. All of the players sent over by BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet fit this criteria.

Let's start with the card that began the trade. A 2006 Bowman Heritage bat relic of Jermaine Dye. I know the front of the card says Game-Worn Jersey. The back says Game-Used Bat Relic and that's exactly what is in the little "B" window. This is a great swap for a Nick Swisher Yankees Game-Used Uniform.

But wait... there's more!

In addition to the bat relic, there were 2003 Finest cards of Paul Konerko and Bartolo Colon, a 2009 Topps Heritage short print of Jermaine Dye, a 2010 Topps Gold card of Jake Peavy, 2010 Upper Deck cards of Matt Thornton and Freddy Garcia, a 2006 Upper Deck card of Jim Thome, a 2008 Goudey card of Luis Aparicio, 2009 A Piece Of History card of Carlos Quentin and Jim Thome, and a 2009 Topps 206 card of Gavin Floyd.

Thanks, Mike! These were awesome! It surely beats a non White Sox game-used card of Nick Swisher any day!

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BA Benny said...

Glad you liked them, it was a pleasure.

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