Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1955 Topps

The 1955 Topps set is often overlooked when collecting. It took the successful elements from the previous year and flipped everything ninety degrees and tweaked it to fit a horizontal format. In essence, this is the necessary link between the '54 and '56 sets.

A big and bold color bust shot dominates one side and an action shot (this year in color!) fills the other side nicely. The facsimile autograph is back, as is the team logo. The player name, position and team name get their own banner, which makes it stand out more. A one color background rounds out the card, but this year improves upon the previous year's solid color background by introducing a gradient. Topps would take these changes and incorporate them to greater effect in the 1956 set.

The White Sox have eight cards in the 1955 Topps set.

10 - Bob Keegan
32 - Ed McGhee
58 - Jim Rivera
66 - Ron Jackson
104 - Jack Harshman
122 - Carl Sawatski
146 - Dick Donovan
201 - Sherm Lollar

This may be one of the easiest fifties White Sox mainstream sets to complete. The overall set has a decade low (not counting the often ignored 1951 release) 206 cards for a Topps release. With the White Sox only having eight cards in the entire set, it can be a team set that can be completed with a little patience at a relatively low cost. This may be the only fifties team set that will only take one eight pocket Ultra Pro page to complete.

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