Friday, April 8, 2011

Goal Achieved

When I first ran across the image of this, I stopped and actually said to myself that I absolutely had to have that card. It has a picture of a Hall of Fame player pitching in an actual MLB game wearing shorts. It was not a pretty sight, despite what several catcalls from the Kansas City bench may have led you to believe. It was a failed experiment that is unique to the White Sox. I can embrace this wacky White Sox seventies story much more than I can Disco Demolition, which led to the forfeiture of a game.

While Goose was with nine different teams, this uniform piece is definitely from a White Sox uniform that was worn in the first few years of his career. For a player that spanned twenty-two seasons and so many teams, it's rare to actually match the uniform piece to the picture on the card. Having achieved my one collecting goal for this year's product, I may have to scope out Manny Ramirez White Sox relic cards to round out my failed experiments 2011 relic collection.


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Congrats! That is very cool.

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