Monday, April 18, 2011

Trades: Thrice

I've been busy with non-blog related projects and real life lately, so I've gotten behind in posting about trades. I'm going to do something that I rarely do, write about multiple trades in a single post.

I like to give everyone their own post because I appreciate the time and effort that people go through to look through my want list (or just set aside cards for me without looking) and I enjoy each and every package that shows up at my mailbox. If someone took the time to send me something, I think it's only fair to write about it.

I've fallen behind, in posting and returning trades. This should be the first step towards fixing that.
The first package came from Andy, a Cubs fan that has relocated to Texas. I talk to so many people because of this blog that it didn't dawn on me that Andy had contacted me a year ago about a trade. Andy's trade package included cards from the 80s up to 2009. It contained many pesky singles that have eluded me.

Thanks, Andy! I did find one card from Andy's want list that he sent. I am looking through my other boxes to see if I can find some more. It's a little harder to find some cards because I recently revamped my boxes and put cards into teams, since I deal with more team and player collectors. Something should be sent out very shortly.
Next, I received a package from John from The Pursuit Of 80's(ness). John is always generous with White Sox cards and this time was no exception. His preferred method of trading is the blind trade. I do get a lot of doubles this way, but there are always some cool surprises and I have never been disappointed by a trade from John. I found a lot of cards that were keepers including gold cards, purple chrome cards and a 7-11 disc of Frank Thomas, to name just a few.

Thanks, John! I have some Red Sox cards to send your way shortly.
Finally, I received a package from Rhubarb Runner of “é rayhahn, rayhahn”. There was a Juan Uribe jersey card, both sides of the UD Documentary White Sox playoff appearance, 2011 Opening Day cards and a few other assorted goodies. Perhaps the most interesting were a pair of game-worn Allen & Ginter cards. I had never seen these cards out of the protective frame. They are surprisingly rigid and plastic feeling.

Thanks, Rhubarb Runner! I've learned something new today. I'll look through your want lists and see if I can match anything.

OK, I think I'm all caught up with posting. Now to concentrate on return packages.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I would NEVER remove those A&G's from their frames, but the LCS got like 3-4 DOZEN of them like that, and he was practically giving them away. Shame.

White Sox Cards said...

No worries. I surprisingly had both of the A&G cards in my collection, so these are some neat oddities.

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