Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge: Day 18

I have seen my fair share of excellent horror movies that were made outside the United States. I adore the Italian horror movies of the seventies. Hammer films are a great pleasure to watch. I have seen top notch horror come out of almost every country in the world. Sometimes I'm not aware of the country of origin until well after I have watched the film. It doesn't matter to me where a film comes from or what language it is in. All that matters is the film itself. If the story is good enough and the other parts of the film from cinematography to acting are well done, it will transcend any language barrier.

Your favorite foreign horror film.
Let The Right One In (2008)

I liked the remake, but this film is far superior. The story is compelling and the story unfolds subtly. It is a touching tale of adolescence which is at the heart of the story. This could have easily been cheesy, but the acting is dead on. Everything about this film is near perfection.

A twelve year old boy befriends the girl next door, who turns out to offer many unexpected surprises. The biggest of those being that the new kid is not a kid at all, but a 200 year old vampire. The movie is rooted in horror, but what elevates it is the relationship of the two children. I won't give away any more plot details, as not to ruin any surprises for new found viewers. This is one film that everyone should see, regardless if they like horror films or not. It transcends the genre.

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