Tuesday, April 19, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge: Day 27

There are countless films that could qualify for this category. My first instincts told me to go with movies like "Slaughter High", where the teens are played by people in their thirties and forties. Even films like "Popcorn", "Curtains", "Pieces" and "Hell High" have their place in my guilty pleasures list. Most of the Troma releases could easily fit into here, like "Redneck Zombies" and "Rabid Grannies". One movie trumps them all.

Your favorite guilty pleasure.
Sleepaway Camp (1983)

I hear snickers when I say that I like this film. It came at the height of the 80s slasher craze. I can sit through almost any slasher flick, but this exceeded my expectations. For many years, I was oblivious to the ending because I had avoided this film. When the box set came out on DVD, I picked it up, expecting a few laughs. I hadn't heard anything about the films, except that they were kinda cheesy.

The two sequels are a bit cheesy, but still good. The original has the feel of a vintage slasher film. The setup is pretty basic. Kids are in the woods and there's a killer on the loose. The ending is one of the most original I have seen in a horror film. It's a genuine surprise and nothing, before 1983, like it was seen in a horror film, to my knowledge.

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Colbey said...

I've read reviews of this movie and I know how it ends, but I still have yet to sit down and actually watch the movie. If it's on Netflix I may try to watch it very soon...

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