Friday, April 29, 2011

A Twitter Pioneer

Meet the first man to be suspended by MLB for tweeting during a game. Well, technically it was during a game, but it wasn't like he was tweeting while he was working during a game. Ozzie had been ejected from the game before he started to tweet.

According to MLB rules, all social media messages must stop 30 minutes prior to the first pitch, and they can resume after the game at the individual club's discretion. Getting ejected is not an exemption from the rules.

MLB senior vice president of baseball operations Peter Woodfork confirmed Thursday that Major League Baseball has not had to deal with a player, coach or manager sending out social media messages while a game was still in play, and there was no standard policy on how to discipline the action.

Not that I condone the actions of Ozzie Guillen, or any other player, coach or manager for tweeting during gameplay, but once ejected from the game, one cannot go back out onto the field of play until after the game is over, so why can't regular non-game activities be resumed? I'm not looking for a lengthy explanation. Just thinking out loud. Or rather writing it for all the world to see, if they so desire.

I think the suspension, in regards to the tweeting, had more to do with the content rather than the timing. It's a little like the government fail safe of imprisonment for tax evasion and other similar nitpicky charges. Yes, you've done a bunch of things that they don't like, but none of it can stick with the current rules, so let's throw something vague out there and hang things on that. It worked against Barry Bonds, Rod Blagojevich and Al Capone. Granted, they aren't exactly the most likable characters, but neither is Ozzie, according to many out there.

Ozzie will serve his suspension tonight and Saturday, against the Orioles.

Congratulations, Ozzie! You are truly a Twitter pioneer.

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