Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WSC Birth Years: Adam Dunn

Card #90 - Adam Dunn

Born: November 9, 1979

Over the past seven seasons, Adam has hit around 40 home runs, hit near or above 100 RBI, and eclipsed 100 walks in six of those seasons. Big Donkey is the measure of consistency. Dunn started the 2011 season in spectacular fashion, by going 2 for 4, with 4 RBI and a home run.

In the past few years, an unfair criticism of Adam has followed him. Toronto Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi publicly stated that Dunn "doesn't like baseball much" and "doesn't have a passion to play the game", when asked about signing Adam. Reds announcer Marty Brennaman has stated that he sees "no energy whatsoever" out of Dunn.

They, of course, are entitled to their opinions. Washington Nationals GM Mike Rizzo has said that "Dunn was the most misunderstood player I have heard about in recent memory" and the White Sox seem to agree with that assessment. Less than twelve hours following an emergency appendectomy, Adam made it known to manager Ozzie Guillen that he would be available to pinch hit for that day's game. It seems that whatever lack of passion and energy others may have seen in Dunn in the past, has been found in Chicago.


Anonymous said...

Reds fans always find something negative to say about our stars. Dunn, Griffey, Eric Davis...all received very poor treatment while playing here, but rarely retaliated. If nothing else, they were examples of humility and grace during times of unfair criticism.

White Sox Cards said...

I think that Ricciardi's statement reflected more of the Jays financial situation at the time, but I could be wrong. Chicago fans tend to embrace other team's castaways when they land on the Cubs or Sox. If a player turns out to have a phony attitude, a lack of caring, or a selfish demeanor, the Chicago fans usually turn against that player. It's those reasons that players like Nick Swisher and Orlando Cabrera were tolerated, but not welcome in Chicago.

That surprises me about Davis. I didn't think that the negative fan reactions were there before the Dodgers. I could see Reds fans being frustrated by Griffey's injuries during his stay in Cincinnati. Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

I was in middle and high school during Davis' first tenure with the Reds, and everyone was calling for his head. He was ridiculed for injuries that no one believed to be serious, but the fact is if he hadn't played hard then he wouldn't have gotten hurt...but he would have been called lazy. It was a lose-lose situation for Eric, but he was welcomed back and cheered loudly every time he came back.

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