Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Day Horror Challenge: Day 23

Network television movies have pretty much died as an art form. The majority of television movies have moved to cable stations. Years ago, there would be movies of the week and epic miniseries that ranged from family entertainment to horror and everything in between. While I do enjoy some of the original television movies that are made for cable recently, I have a soft spot for old school TV films. They were big events and the stories were usually better, on average.

Your favorite made for TV horror film.
Salem's Lot (1979)

I haven't seen this one in a long time and that will have to change soon. It remains one of my favorite horror movies ever filmed for the small screen. This is what other television horror movies should strive to be like.

The film is moody and atmospheric. It has a pretty decent scare ratio. The acting is superb, despite what you may think of the cast before viewing. This movie shows that Tobe Hooper is not a one note film director. Watching Salem's Lot makes me believe that the rumors about his lack of directing on Poltergeist are false.

This film combines two staples of horror; the haunted house and the vampire. Both are used to great effect. The original source material is a Stephen King novel, so there was a great fleshed out story to begin with.

A young writer comes back to his hometown and discovers that the townsfolk are disappearing mysteriously. As the vampires spread, a showdown is inevitable. The town is destroyed, but did all the vampires die with it?

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thewritersjourney said...

Not too crazy about this one. I've watched it a couple of times, but there's just something about it that doesn't click with me.

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