Saturday, June 9, 2012

2012 Topps Archives

I could complain about the lack of White Sox cards in a 241 card set, but I won't. I could also complain about the lack of variety in the precious few White Sox cards there are in a 241 card set, but I won't be cynical like that. Instead, I will focus on the positives in a set that I should not like, but actually do.

The set is designed after a few key sets in Topps history. The 1954 set, the 1971 set, the 1980 set and the 1984 set. I'm not sure how these sets were chosen, but I'm not disappointed with any of them. I questioned 1980 slightly, but decided to just go with it.

The 2012 Topps Archives set is rounded off by the once popular All-Time Fan Favorites featuring retired players in a multitude of designs. This is where the set starts to shine with variety and also becomes some collectors' worst nightmares, as the card designs are fast and furious and seemingly random.

The White Sox have two cards in the entire set.

26 - Paul Konerko
46 - John Danks

Each of the two cards is in the 1954 design. Both have the yellow background. There are also gold parallels and the requisite printing plate parallels for each card, which should make it very easy to collect. If you are just going for the White Sox base cards, save your money and just buy the individual cards. Chances are, it will cost you less than one pack of 2012 Topps Archives.

There are inserts-a-plenty included in this set. There are, reprints, 1977 Cloth cards, 1967 Stickers, 1968 3D, 1969 Deckle Edge, 1982 In Action and 1958 Classic Combos, but not one single solitary Chicago White Sox card is included in any of these insert sets.

Instead, you will find a scattering of White Sox players in the autographed cards and the relic cards. Bobby Thigpen, Jack McDowell, Carton Fisk, Ron Kittle and Frank Thomas await you in harder to find hits.

On the plus side, if you purchase a hobby box of this release, you might find Cobra Kai autographs waiting for you. Sweep the leg. No mercy.


Backstop Cards said...

The Padres don't have any players in the base set. There ARE three players in the re-print subset, though (Gwynn, Winfield, and Ozzie Smith). I know that they're not great, but NO players in the base set?

White Sox Cards said...

I've been a big advocate of having all teams and players represented in a set, when feasible. I don't often buy packs from sets that can't at least have one player from each team from a base of over 100.

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