Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4

2010 National Chicle #258 - Gordon Beckham

On this day in 2009, Gordon Beckham made his debut with the Chicago White Sox, 364 days after he was drafted.

Gordon would go 0 for 3 in his MLB debut, but he would get his first hit in his fifth game, off of Tigers pitcher Dontrelle Willis at U.S. Cellular Field. After that first hit Beckham would go on a tear, where he would hit .270 with fourteen home runs, forty-one walks, sixty-three RBI and seven stolen bases; all career highs as of June 2012.

While Gordon has been great defensively, his batting hasn't lived up to the draft day hype... yet. In Beckham's fourth season, he seems to be turning a corner at the plate with improved discipline. A healthy Gordon Beckham in the White Sox lineup can only strengthen an already lethal batting order.

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